About Me

I’m a designer, a transfer graduate, a crafter, cat fan, and more!

I’ve been a creative all my life, and I’ve translated my passion to share and learn from others to pursuing the field of UX Design. I’m interested in designing for accessibility and gaming UX!

When I’m not studying or designing you can catch me making crafts, petting cats, and watching anime or the latest story-adventure game let’s play


UX Design Consultant @EY | June 2023 - Present
E-Commerce UX Design Intern @
Kohl’s | Summer 2021
UX Design Intern @
Edily | Spring 2021

Current Favorites

INVINCIBLE πŸ©Έβ˜„οΈ β€’ Miraculous Ladybug🐞🐈 β€’ Sims 4πŸŸ©πŸ’Ž

My Crafts :)

Hand knit Lirika Matoshi Sweater replica that got me 1.7k upvotes on Reddit!☁️🧢
Amigurumi chihuahua dog I made for a friend! πŸ•
Embroidered patch from Facebook’s Ton Ton and Friends stickers 🧡